Most of us tend to shift places due to our professional or personal needs. Moving bases is entirely stressful. Adding to that, overwhelming stress is the idea of packing and hauling all belongings to the next place or a self-storage unit in Sutherland Shire. If you are moving office spaces, you may need to look for commercial storage units to keep all of your official documents safe during the move, instead of taking the risk of losing them. Today, we will be talking about the top six packing and moving hacks that could make the process of relocation far easier for you. 

After following these six steps, getting packers and movers service professionals to move your items will be much easier to complete the move. 

Sure, the packers and movers you hire may do this job far more perfectly than you could do. However, if you take the pain of fulfilling these tips and tricks yourself, it could save you an immense amount of time and expense as well. 

These are the six life-changing hacks that will help you make the process of shifting hassle-free and are efficient for you to follow if you are the type of person with a steady shifting routine every couple of years. 

6 Packing Hacks: 

  • Start Packing Quite Early On 

Suppose you found out about the move quite early on in the process. The best way to get around to packing is by starting the princess of packing early on. By starting first, the packing process will neither seem overwhelming and nor feel like a chore. Walk through your office or your home (the one you are moving from), and tackle the area of the premises a little by little. Make notes about the items you’d like to keep, and simultaneously make a list of the items you’d have no qualms about parting with. When you start packing early, you can easily avoid the chaos of completing the entire task in a matter of a few days. 

  • Pack Smart

When you start packing, know that the process of packing requires a system. You can’t just throw a few random items into a large carton, tape it up and call that packing. That process is far from packing. That seems more like a hoarder’s box of goodies that makes no sense to the untrained human eye. 

Establish a system for your packing process. Conquer one room at a time. Gauge the number of cartons you may require in each room, get as many of them along with a few extras for each room. Categorize each of the items in the room into a variety of sections, and pack the items of each of these sections together. Say, you are packing away the items on your bookshelf, then pack them all together, so that you can disassemble them together in the next place. 

Of course, smart packing begins with the process of creating an inventory of the items you plan to shift into the new place and get them packed one by one. 

  • Mark & Label Each Packing Bag

Each of the boxes and cartons you’ve packed needs to be labelled. The process of labelling is quite simple but also a little intricate if you add some details that could help the movers and packers when they begin loading the items into their truck or flight for transportation to the new place. 

Every box that you pack in each of the rooms needs to be marked either as a ‘fragile’, ‘linens’, ‘liquids’, ‘electronics’, ‘linens’ or ‘accessories’. By establishing this standard of labelling the cartons, you could easily avoid a significant chunk of the damage the shifting process can cause. Not only are the items sorted together of a similar type, but unpacking them at the new place also becomes more manageable, as you can prepare yourself for what you’re about to unfold. For example, if you are unpacking a box of liquid-based cleaning agents, you may expect a spill and have at hand an extra cloth for the spillage.  

  • Use Anti-Static Packing Bubbles

Firstly, keep all electronic items you own away from anything that can conduct electricity. Pack them each separately in linens. This may stop the conduction of electricity but may not be safe for transportation. The best way to package electronic items is by packing them using anti-static bubble wasps that cut off all conduction of electricity and are perfect for keeping your electronics safe during transportation. These bubbles are readily available in and around the city. 

  • Focus on Safety & Security 

One of the significant concerns that owners are the safety and security of their belongings. Any packing expert could tell you to take special care of the fragile items. Also, making sure that all of your packages are organized can help ensure their safety. The primary importance of packing is not just to move your items but to safely move the items for further use. 

These six packing and moving hacks could make a move to your commercial storage units or self-storage business move far easier than it would without these hacks. Not only can these hacks come in handy for personal moving but also help small businesses in self-storage. 

Celebrate your new journey, creating new memories at the newer home or office space!

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