Are you planning to move from one major city to another? Are you considering moving back eventually? What do you do with your belongings? Plan to move all the items you wish to retain along with you to the new location?  Are you looking for a temporary space to safe-keep your belongings? 

The solution to all your problems may be moving a major chunk of the items into a storage facility rather than shifting all items from one city to the other. However, you may need to finalize on the kind of truck required to be rented for moving your items into self-storage facilities. If you are in Australia, a viable option for a storage facility for you may be – Kirrawee self-storage. 

Here are the steps you should take before the final move & determining the size of the truck you may need to hire for the move: 

Go Through Your Belongings & Segregate

This is by far the most extensive step of the entire move. Remember that doing this process room by room, one room at a time could help you save time and money. So, go through the items you currently own, one room at a time. Segregate all of your belongings into three piles, namely – to keep pile, to donate pile, and to discard pile. The items in the to discard pile should be items you may never need at any future date and might entirely be useless for anyone else either. 

  • Discard Pile

These are the items you’ve been hoarding as a result of sentimental value, but may never come in handy ever again. The move is the right time for you to discard them entirely, from your life into the dumps. You’ll be surprised how quickly the items in this section pile up soon. 

  • Donate Pile

The next segregation should be that of – to donate pile. According to its value packages, categorise this pile into two varieties – the items you can give away to friends and family, or those that can be donated off at a donation centre or thrift store, for further use by someone else. After all, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Doing so should considerably lessen your belongings to those items you absolutely need. 

  • Keep Pile

Lastly, the keep pile, is the final pile of your belongings that you wish to retain for use in the long run, and deserve, thus, to be kept in storage facilities. If you belong to Australia and are looking for good commercial storage units, then the self-storage in Caringbah or Kirrawee self-storage might just be the right place for you to store your items. 

This final list of items in the “to keep pile” in each room of your home or office space is the final list of belongings that you may choose to move into storage before your adventure across the world. 

Calculating the Size of Storage Unit, You’ll Need

The next order of business is to determine the right kind of storage unit you’ll require to store your belongings. According to “the keep pile”, that being your final pile, you can choose the storage unit and the size of the storage unit, you’ll require to rent. 

Contact a Storage Unit & Find out the Various Facilities

In order to move your items into storage, firstly, contact all the storage units in your area, go through their social media page, read up the business reviews they have, jot down the facilities they provide, such as – the security facilities, the insurance of items lost or damaged in storage, customer satisfaction reviews, etc. Doing so will help you determine the right storage facility for your needs. Naturally, the next step is to visit the unit before finalizing one of them. After this, calculate the size of the storage unit you may need. According to the items of your “to keep pile”, measure the volume of each of the storage units in the facility you opt for, by measuring the length, breadth, and height. After this, finalize the storage unit and put in a deposit and rental for the next couple of months of the year. Storage companies have great deals and offer long-term rental as opposed to a short rental time. So, plan accordingly. 

Choose the Right Size Truck Rental

Choosing the right size rental truck is critical to any move. For a smooth moving experience, choosing the right truck size is essential. Failure to choose one, will eat into your time and money. If you choose a smaller truck than your belongings need, then you may have to offload the items and hire a larger truck. This incurs higher cost and time. On the other hand, choosing a truck with too much space could result in your items being tossed around during the move and extensively damaging your belongings.

A general rule for choosing the right moving truck for your needs is three cubic feet of area allotted for each room. Using this method of calculation, a 24 cubic foot rental truck could handle items worth eight rooms.

Pick the right size rental truck and move your items into commercial storage units before you move away to your next adventure.

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