Moving to a new space involves making loads of difficult decisions in a constricted frame of time. You’ll have to make decisions such as selecting the best supplies ‘to keep, discard or donate’, even choose the right moving date. The number of tasks on your todos can become excruciatingly overwhelming. The most important decisions pertaining to relocation is definitely – choosing the right moving company to help with your moving needs, especially when you are considering moving your items into commercial storage units in Sutherland Shire.

Before you begin to make a move, consider that, there are plenty of local and interstate moving companies fully qualified to help you make the move stress-free and possible, across the nation. However, vetting them prior to trusting them to help you with the move is a crucial step that all those planning to move items in commercial storage units must consider. 

The vetting process involves asking the right questions, and these set of five questions will definitely clear out all your doubts with regard to moving items into self-storage for business or safekeeping.

  • Is the Moving Company Properly Licensed?

Moving is naturally an expensive affair! With the plethora of companies established, the chances of one getting sucked into the vortex or moving scams involving rogue movers are highly plausible. Ensuring that your moving company is a safe one and complies with the rules of the government, and has the appropriate papers of registration and licensing required to move items from state to state is important. Making sure that all interstate moving companies have a license number issued by the Department of Transportation can help one ensure a safe passage to the final destination, even if that is a small business self-storage space across the country.

If you intend to move spaces locally, then make sure that the moving company has a state license for locally moving items. Of course, you could always contact your commercial storage units in Sutherland Shire and ask them for a moving company that they recommend.

  • Do they have the Appropriate experience with specific types of the move? 

Another major aspect to consider while making a move and hiring a moving company is to see if they have a significant experience to aid your needs. For example, it takes special experience and skill to move into residential spaces that are townhouses or high-rise buildings. It also takes a set of different experiences if you have to move into commercial storage units. The type of experience each moving company has, determines the preparedness and minimizes the level of errors one commits during the move. Are they equipped to move items from the parking lot through the steep stairs, without using the elevators and manage squeezing through small doorways? Considering these aspects is important while hiring a moving company. 

  • What kind of Liability coverage does the company provide?

The likelihood that your things may get damaged during the move is a scenario that you must expect, no matter how professional the moving company you hire is. Even before handing over your items for the moving process, make sure that your belongings are covered in case of any unforeseen mishap during the relocation process is essential. Professional moving companies ensure that certain valuable goods are insured and covered with their liability coverage package. They may offer you full value protection or released value protection. Customers could also purchase insurance for their products from a third-party insurance company. 

  • Do they have references?

Hiring a moving company purely based on the low cost of moving and a creative looking professional website could be blasphemously harmful to your belongings. A better way to go about hiring a moving company is by checking their references. Before entrusting the moving company with your belongings, always ask for their references and make an informed decision. Always do your homework rather than ask for their references. Also, it’s a great idea to begin by asking neighbours and friends for references and recommendations for a moving company rather than pick one just because of their online rating. 

  • Can they provide a binding quote or an estimate?

Unwelcome surprises such as exceeding bills after a move can be extremely upsetting. Many moving companies often offer non-binding estimates during the consultation phase, but the prices are subject to change, depending on the move, its complications and the extra effort needed to make the move a success. The cost could appreciate or even depreciate. You could end up paying less or far more than expected, and this surprise can be upsetting. 

Under such an unsure circumstance, the best way to go about the move is by opting to choose a company that provides either a binding quote or a cap-off estimate. This could ensure that you don’t get any surprise costs and can stick to a preset expense and budget. 

Asking these five questions could help one make a clear understanding of the processes involved in the moving of your belongings to a new setup, be it a residential lot or a commercial storage unit for safekeeping of your items. 

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