There are plenty of situations when people need to store their belongings for a long period of time in a self-storage facility. Sometimes the belongings you need to store away might just be one item such as a classic car or a boat. Other times, people who plan to move across nations to fulfill their career goals tend to pack up their entire lives and store it away for a longer period before they come back eventually. People who travel often and stay out of their homes for a longer period or are deployed in the military also tend to choose to opt for self-storage facilities. One such really well-known facility in Caringbah for self-storage is recommended for those staying in the areas of Caringbah, Australia. 

It would make more sense for one to shift their belongings into a self-storage space such as self-storage in Sutherland Shire or Kirrawee self-storage units, as opposed to leaving them in your residence. Determining the plans you have for your belongings while you are away can be extremely stressful. 

Here are the six tips for packaging your belongings before setting them up for long term self-storage in Sutherland Shire. 

  • Ask yourself if you need all your stuff.

Primarily, when you decide what to do with your belongings while you’re away, consider all your needs. Do you have a lot of items to put into storage or do you just need a small storage unit in Kirrawee self-storage? Is it a better idea to get yourself an apartment while you’re away and store your items there or would it make sense to put your belongings in safekeeping and avoid the extra cost of high rent payment for the apartment? The kind of unit you rent needs to make sense considering all of your requirements and needs. In order to book the right size self-storage in Sutherland Shire, give your size estimator a call and then rent the right space for your needs. 

  • Make sure that long term storage items are packed away properly.

If you are leaving for a long time, the chances are that you won’t come to visit quite often to check on your items in storage. The right thing to do in this circumstance is to properly package your belongings and consequently storing them to make sure that they are secure. This ti asking you to take the time to package your item well might seem like a small and insignificant tip, but the seriousness of this step cannot be emphasized enough. Making sure that all breakable items are packaged with extra protection is important. Stacking away the boxes correctly is also equally essential. Making sure that the boxes and furniture are off the floor is equally essential and improper storage of items can lead to their damage. 

  • Make use of Climate-controlled storage units when necessary.

Some of the items that you own such as leather sofa sets, electronic gadgets, and wooden furniture etc. are climate-sensitive. They should be, thus, placed in a climate-controlled unit rather than a plain jane storage space. The cost of storing your belongings in a climate-controlled rental storage space might be more expensive but entirely worth it. The extra cost you pay will bring immense peace to you. 

  • Look into travel and storage insurance & purchase them. 

In order to get your belongings an added layer of security, make sure that you look into insurance options for your items in storage while you are away. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters etc. tend to put your belongings at risk of being damaged. Research the current policy guidelines that you have to determine if any additional insurance needs to be considered and then get your policy to cover the precious items in your policy stored away. 

  • Have a designated person check-in on your belongings

In your absence, designate a person who lives locally to visit your self-storage unit on your behalf if any need arises. Ideally, the person left in charge of your items can come and make a thorough cleaning when necessary and also ship an item in storage to you if necessary. They would be the person in contact should there arise an occasion where they are needed to make decisions with regard to your storage space and storage items in your absence. 

  • Set up Autopay mode for your storage rent

The next tip may seem simple and insignificant; however, the lack of doing so could cause major trauma to you as you are off in a far off place. Always set up an autopay system for your self-storage rental. This way, you don’t have to worry about your items being locked out in your absence, and timing payment could ensure that your items are still under the safety net of the self-storage in Sutherland Shire. The auto-debit system makes it easy for you as you are away, and you won’t ever miss a payment. 

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