Were you thinking about renting storage in Taren Point for the purpose of self-storage of your items? While you are still considering the options you have for your self-storage rental, we encourage you to ask the right questions before making a sure-shot decision. In fact, asking these questions could ensure that the choice you make with regard to storage in Taren Point will be a safe place for one to store away their items without a single worry, especially if one is renting for a long time or travelling away for a long while. 

Asking these good questions will help you avoid any expensive losses in the near future, and keep you off of offers that are seemingly good but are misleading. 

The variety of questions you should ask should be naturally divided into four major sectors important to ensure the safety of the items you intend to store away – honest pricing maintenance of the space, adequate security for your items and the impeccable customer service one needs to feel at ease.

Customer Service Questions

  • Are the queries that come in through customer service rerouted to a call centre, or can some professional managers at the facility be immediately contacted in case of any importance?

Most often, self-storage rental spaces tend to route all of their customer service calls to a call centre far off in some city, where professionals trained to answer any panicky question can get you an update to your query. The fact that they are neither on-site nor an experienced self-storage facility user makes it hard for customers to expect a satisfactory answer that ensures them of the safety of their items in a storage facility with a 100% guarantee. If a self-storage facility has the option available to let, you make a call directly to the customer care service wing of the self-storage space you rent in-house and transfer your calls to a professional at the facility who is able to give you a clearer understanding of the situation at hand could put one into immediate ease and peace of mind. So, opt for one that has this facility available. 

  • Does the company you wish to hire, have 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp or whatever outlet there is in Australia?

In today’s age and day, the ratings each company has plays a significant role in determining its value in terms of customer satisfaction and other factors involved in making a sound decision. If the company you wish to rent commercial storage units from has a one-star rating without an explanation, the chances of your shying away from that deal is far greater than not. So, please go through their marketplace rating, no matter how perfect the storage-unit seems. 

Security Questions

  • Does the faculty have the latest state-of-the-art security facility in place? 

If you intend to leave your belongings in a climate-controlled storage space in Australia while you travel the world, how do you ensure your belongings are safe? Firstly contact the facility of your choice and ask about their security measures. Make sure that you use individual security alarm systems coupled with HD video monitors outside the door to your storage space. If there is an abundance of cameras and lighting in the entire area, then rest assured your items in storage will remain extremely secure. So, for your peace of mind, enquire about these. 

  • Do managers actively monitor the security system and take actions in case of a potential threat?

Sure storage facilities tend to have many security systems in place for the safeguarding of your precious belongings in storage. However, having a manager oversee these measures and actively monitoring the security system in place could help to minimize any kind of a potential threat to your items. Managers at the facility usually can take swift actions whenever necessary. In fact, some of the staff are constantly at the facility for added security reasons at all times. 

Maintenance Questions

  • What are the measures in place to ensure that your facility is rodent, ant and pest free? 

Pests are huge trouble makers. They damage one’s items very quickly, easily and quietly. If you have opted to put your office file work or furniture into self-storage units in Australia, these rodents could easily spoil all your goods in storage within a matter of a few minutes. Ensuring that your facility is free of these rodents is important. Ask the facility about how often they do pest control on a monthly basis and how effective this process has been since the beginning of the company. 

  • How do they keep a check on roof leaks? 

Roof leaks can become a huge problem for items in self-storage facilities. If there is a leak in the roof, and you have a temperature-controlled facility that keeps a stray temperature in the space to ensure the quality of your goods in storage, then the leak in the roof could cause moisture risks that could spoil the items in storage permanently. So, ask the storage Taren Point to ensure that there are measures in place to act on roof leaks in the storage facility. 

Pricing Questions

  • Is the total the full total or are there more add-on additional costs such as deposits, move-in fees, etc.? Does the cost include insurance? 

Quite often, the quoted price varies from the total price that the company gives at the time of consideration. The total price includes additional costs such as admin expense, deposits, move-in fees etc. The total cost often also doesn’t have any insurance cost involved. This leaves your belongings unsafe. So, ask about these additional costs and look for a plan that covers insurance or lets you add on your own insurance schemes. 

  • If a move-in special is offered, does it cover a 30-days?

Commercial storage units tend to have many offers lined up so that customers are lured with the offers, and they can avail many customers at a time. If you get a special move-in offer, ask if that covers the full 30-days or just the initial days after renting a self-storage space in your area of choice. You definitely don’t want to be cheated. 

  • Can you pay in advance and lock in your payment for a year in advance?

Most commercial storage facilities only offer monthly payment plans. However, more and more facilities now are open to letting you book for 12 months in advance for a fixed rate and blocking out the entire year without worrying so much. In fact, companies give customers deals and discounts to purchase commercial storage spaces for a year nowadays. Find out if your facility has that option and make sure to avail those options if available. This will be cost-effective, and you can easily follow the protocol – out of sight, out of mind. 

Move your items into commercial storage units before you move away to your next adventure.

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